We provide your tenants with Flawless, Professional Broadband.

It’s a bold commitment yet that’s precisely what we do.

Today our service is providing exceptional Broadband to residential blocks comprising over 12,000 individual units.

  • Each of these units is someone’s home.
  • We recognise their internet connection is important to them
  • Their Broadband connection is monitored 24/7.
  • They have free access to a 24/7 helpline
  • Their Bandwidth is not managed, reduced or compromised at any time.
  • If power is cut to any of these homes, our proprietary software instantly informs us.

Failure is not an option

CommerceCall’s owners have previously held the position of professionally qualified managing agents, so we fully realise that any system failure reflects badly on the Managing Agent’s reputation. It also takes time and money to repair.

Because we have sat in your seat, we know better than any other telecoms provider what you need, both from the professional viewpoint and as the Broadband provider.

Our Broadband services are provided direct by our partner provider. They have over 25 years of dedicated internet experience are completely independent and also a registered UK Internet Service Provider. Their dedication to excellence is Second to None.

By appointing CommmerceCall. all tenants receive exemplary service – if they did not then we would not be doing our job!

The Detail: So what do we do?

HMO Broadband Service

Experience: We have a large base of HMO/Flat/House Rental Broadband Connections.

Method of Install: We install communal WiFi systems into HMO’s, or hard-wire Routers into each flat. Generally, connection is by bonded 80Mbps Broadband connections to give up to 160Mbps availability to the tenants. All the Users can connect to a WiFi Network (SSID) via a general password. Each user is isolated for security. No user can see another user’s activity or device/s. On request we can limit available speeds per device.

We install and manage the systems and then monitor them 24/7 at our UK Network Operations Centre.

Block Management Broadband

Experience: With over 12,000 tenant connections (including private and Student accommodation), we are the UK’s biggest Block Management Broadband provider. Blocks range in size from 100-600 flats.

Method of Install: We can retro-fit into any block yet would normally install systems during the block’s build stage. A standard system would comprise Cat6e cabling from a dedicated comms cabinet (or multiples for larger installs) connected to each flat. We install 1Gbps Leased Lines as standard. Increasing to 10Gbps if required. Residents connect via a WiFi router placed into each flat.

We then manage and monitor all systems 24/7 at our UK Network Operations Centre.

Single Flat/House Broadband Connections

Experience: We have a large estate of single connections with installations throughout the UK

Method of Install: We follow the normal home model of WiFi Router with FTTC connectivity. As services speeds are never managed we can ensure ultimate performance 24/7. Bonding and install of higher speed connectivity is available as required. We then manage and monitor all systems 24/7 at our UK Network Operations Centre.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Monitoring of all sites, routers and WiFi Access Points
  • Single monthly bill covering all your properties (One-Bill)
  • Single Point of Contact for all issues.
  • Tenant 24/7 direct support service
  • Quick installation times
  • Free planning and design of systems including site surveys.
  • All systems warranted
  • Remote power monitoring including security alerts on data cabinet locks and for loss of Power.

For more information, contact us today.