In common with many telecoms providers, CommerceCall provides all standard services, such as Fixed lines (Residential or Business). We also provide VoIP services and a full range of broadband connectivity products

As with INBOUND, we like to be different. We strive to provide services that are both useful and different. Products that will help you go that extra mile for your clients or customers.

Our key products for 2020 are: FREEDOMCall, MINISIP and SIPCall


Refusing to take anonymous calls, or calls from unknown numbers, is becoming common.

To minimise your calls not being answered you now MUST show your genuine fixed line number.

Only with FREEDOMCall you can legitimately make a call from any phone, even your home or mobile, and still show your Office number to the destination. INVALUABLE! All cost are bill to the host company (not the calling number) at normal call rates.

There are two versions of FREEDOMCall

  • FREEDOMCall Basic
    • Calling phone must be pre-authorised
    • Limited to 6 authorised phones
    • Dial access number code from authorised phone
    • Host office phone number shown to destination
    • Costs billed to host company
    • Access from any phone
    • PIN code for secure access
    • Call Recording
    • Mid-Call Transfer Facility

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A Genuine switchboard (with desk phones) is still available!

MINISIP uses your office’s data network to connect your phones and then uses your Broadband to connect to your local exchange. You gain all the normal advantages and features of a switchboard.

For resilience, if your Broadband fails we offer you the ability to connect using your fixed line (PSTN) & various mobile data fall-over options.

The best part is the cost! You buy the equipment so rental is abolished.

Compared to Cloud VoIP, your costs can easily be cut by half!

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Hosted VoIP, also known as “Cloud telephony” is an easy way of gaining full switchboard features for a low start-up cost.

Unfortunately, many suppliers hide their true costs, so your minimum contract cost can be much higher than expected.

SIPCall is our version of Cloud Telephony, yet as you would expect from CommerceCall, all costs are known from day one and the contract term is kept short.

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