These Payment Terms (Section One) apply to all goods and services supplied by and subsequently invoiced by CommerceCall and are additional to the Terms and Conditions of Business, also shown below (Section Two). In any case of conflict the Terms and Conditions of Business shall apply.

SECTION One: Terms of Payment

Contract period for services provided

The default minimum period for services provided by or through CommerceCall is 12 months.  However, many services are subject to a different and often shorter minimum term and such alternative period shall be binding when advised to you in writing, or when shown on our website (, prior to the commencement date of the relevant service.

Notice Period

Unless a Party is in breach of its obligations to the other (e.g. non-payment of a valid invoice), on expiration of the minimum contract period, unless otherwise agreed a service can be terminated by either Party giving 30 days notice to the other, such notice to take effect on the last day of the month following the expiration of the notice period.

Payment terms:

Unless stated differently on an invoice, for non-direct debit payments, all invoices are due for payment no later than 14 days after the Invoice Date.  Payments under a previously agreed and accepted direct debit arrangement are taken around 28 days after the invoice date.

Card Payments:

As a service to customers we offer a card payment service. Details are supplied on each invoice and most popular Debit and Credit cards are accepted.

Late Payments:

By agreeing to accept goods and services from CommerceCall you agree to pay in accordance with our terms, failing which the following will apply.

We may charge interest on all overdue amounts from time to time on a daily basis at a rate of 4% above the base rate of Starling Bank, to run from the due date of payment until receipt by us of the full amount in cleared funds (including any accrued interest) whether before or after judgment in respect of the overdue amount.

Should we refer your account to a collection agency (which may be associated with our Holding company, or a firm of solicitors), then we will also add a referral fee to the amount owing. The current referral fee is £200+VAT. We also reserve the right to continue to add late payment charges, at the increased rate of 3.5% per month of the outstanding balance or £30 (whichever is higher), until payment is received for the outstanding debt.

Late payment charges will be levied after, as well as before any judgment if court proceedings for recovery are instituted.

Security Deposit

CommerceCall may, prior to commencement of a contract or during the life of a contract with a customer, impose a requirement that a sum of money be paid to CommerceCall as a security deposit against any monies owed at any time by the customer to CommerceCall. Unless CommerceCall shall decide otherwise, during normal course of business the deposit shall not be used to set-off or pay a debt owed by the Customer to CommerceCall. Should (1) CommerceCall initiate or otherwise cause legal proceedings to be commenced against the Customer, or (2) the Customer cease to trade or have proceedings threatened or commenced against it for monies due or alleged to be due, then CommerceCall with the full agreement and prior knowledge of the Customer, may use part or all of the deposit to offset monies due to CommerceCall by the Customer, such transaction being irrevocably agreed to take place as on the day prior to any event of insolvency.

Effect of termination of services for non-payment.

CommerceCall normally provides credit terms to its customers, in addition it allows payment to be made by Credit and Debit cards. If a customer does not pay an invoice when due, CommerceCall retains the right to immediately and without further notice, withdraw services from the Customer. Termination can result in any phone numbers provided by CommerceCall to the Customer being withdrawn from service and early termination penalties may also apply.     

SECTION TWO: Terms & Conditions of Business



These terms may be varied at any time by CommerceCall which shall notify a customer by e-mail or by notice on a subsequent invoice. A variation shall be valid and deemed accepted seven days after notification has been issued.