Is your BroadBand good 24/7?

or are you being slowed down?

  • Only a very few ISPs (Internet Service Providers) put you first.
  • Most shrink your speeds, to fit more customers onto their networks.
  • It’s bad for customers – but the ISP makes more profit!

Take our simple test.

Our test uses the official OfCom broadband checker service

You visit their site, test your speed and send us the result. The data is key yet, if you can, please also send us a screenshot of the result

It should look like the image below.

User profile: FTTC product. BT PSTN line. 4+km from local exchange

ARE YOUR SPEEDS BEING MANIPULATED? To find evidence of speed shrinkage (or to use its proper title – traffic management), take the same test at different times of day. Is it worse in the evening (Streaming Movie Time) or late afternoon (Schools close for the day)?

Send us your information;

USE OF YOUR DATA:The test data you supply will be used by us to help identify the state of the UK’s Broadband. If we include your data in any report your identity will always be removed so you will always remain 100% anonymous.

Please complete the following report and just click on the PRESS to send button. Thank You.

Together we can be Faster and Better