The COVID-19 Contact Service

for non-Smart Phone users.

WHY DO YOU NEED TrackSafely?

Up to 30% or more of your customers cannot use the NHS QR Code yet you can be FINED if you don’t register all your customers.

The NHS QR Code and TrackSafely work together.

” OK, but we use a manual system”

But did you not know, the Government recommends you should always use an electronic system , such as TrackSafely.

The reasons for not using a manual systems are very clear:


Guests are not allowed to see the details of others, so “Registers” or a “visitor book” will always compromise security.


NEVER ALLOW A VISITOR TO USE YOUR PENS or PENCILS. Cleaning with an Alcohol Steriliser will NOT KILL COVID-19, so every pen you leave on a sign-in table could be lethal.

3. FAST support of NHS Track and Trace

When a COVID-19 outbreak is linked to your venue, the NHS need your visitor lists FAST. With TrackSafely your electronic register can be supplied in minutes.


It is the duty of the venue to ensure all visitors register on arrival. You are expected to check phones for registration with the NHS QR CODE and you must know that remaining visitors have also registered.

Why’s TrackSafely

the best solution?

TrackSafely posters include your mandatory NHS QR Code. As TrackSafely works with ALL MOBILE PHONES, it makes registration very simple for 100% of visitors.

Simple, Affordable, Fast and Contamination-free.

Easy to confirm customer usage thus preventing you from being FINED.

ALL mobile phones can use the service – NO EXCEPTIONS!


One Poster covers both the NHS QR Code and TrackSafely

With our Beer Mat designs you can also remind people to register when at their table

Here’s how it works

1. We issue your site with a “Track Safely” mobile number (it’s a normal number and unique to you).

2. Customers text you their name and the number of people in their group, e.g. “JONES.3”. That’s it, just one name and one number!

3. We convert each text to an e-mail – which you receive, probably on a tablet device at your reception or next to your till. ALL THIS takes seconds, you do nothing!

The costs?

  • £9.95 set-up.
  • £9.95 per month – that’s just 30p/day.
  • 3p per inbound text.
  • NO min. contract time period, just give us 30-days notice.

As an added benefit, we also supply valuable customer Statistics

Every month we send you details showing your visitors, by day of the month, and by time of day. It allows you to plan your staff rotas and compare business week-on-week. No other registration service gives you so much useful data.

FULL GDPR Compliance is included

Because WE collect your visitor data (and then provide you with a copy), WE are required to register under GDPR – not you!


CLICK HERE to order your own Track Safely service.

We can have you up and running, protecting your guests within 48 hours.


You need to make sure you can REGISTER
the contact details for ALL your visitors.

For non-Smart Phone visitors we recommend you add an additional Electronic (not manual) registration system.

so that on request you can make them available
to NHS Track & Trace – FAST

The full details are on this UK Government website page

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