Welcome to UKSofa.

UK Sofa, courtesy of www.gardenfurniturecentre.co.uk

Overseas and missing “home”?

Don’t worry, With UKSofa you can access the UK internet, just as you did when sitting on your Sofa back in the UK

When you’re in France, visit Google and you’ll view google.fr

But use “UKSofa” and you’ll view

If you’re registered to access restricted UK sites, such as some UK TV channels, then with UKSofa they’ll appear just as if you’d never left home!

The UKSofa box is fantastic, it’s really easy to install……..we can access all UK websites and TV channels from the comfort of our own sofa!

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Relaxing on the sofa in your French Gite, or staying in a rented Spanish apartment, can be very relaxing; but something is missing.
No UK Internet.
No access to LIVE UK TV
– just the normal catch-up channels.

Websites can be blocked, limited, or converted to the local “foreign” format. But not when you take your home internet with you by surfing from your UKSofa!

UKSofa explained

UKSofa is the name of a small “secondary” internet router. You first link it to any local internet. Then you connect your devices to it (by WiFi or cable). Open your normal web browser and you’ll find you’re surfing from your UK Sofa!

UKSofa shown with optional handset

…this is hands down, the best way to access unrestricted UK Internet without using dodgy VPNs which are really slow/constantly buffering

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With a UKSofa connected to your existing router, you can access normal UK internet from any suitable device, such as a smart TV, Tablet, Smart Phone or PC. You can connect either via WiFi (using your new UKSofa WiFi network address), or by cable.

It’s like a VPN yet also completely different! Multiple users can connect at any time. Your UKSofa has a fixed UK IP address that you’ll keep for your UKSofa’s life; allowing you to be recognised and welcomed by the sites you visit.

We’ve even thought of safeguarding your family and guests by providing, free of charge,the option to restrict users from accessing gaming and adult-content sites.

UKSofa Phone

Because many people like the convenience of a fixed-line phone in their holiday home, if you choose to order the optional UKSofa phone-box, we provide you with a fully operational UK number, with your choice of STD code, or even a local (e.g. French) number – see below.

The phone-box has a socket just like the BT wall socket you may have at home. It accepts any normal UK handset, allowing you to make/receive calls just as if you were still in the UK – great for friends as they can then call you (and you can call them) at low UK to UK rates.

Diverting calls made to your UK home is also easy – and very low cost. You simply activate a call-divert from your UK home to your UKSofa‘s phone number and everyone, including prospective burglars, will think you’re still at home!

If you want a local number (they’re great for integrating with the local community) we can provide your overseas property with a local number connected to your local phone network. If this could be attractive then click here for more information.

Friendly Terms of Use

Holidays are happy times, which is why we have tried to make our terms of business as friendly as possible.

UK Sofa, courtesy of www.gardenfurniturecentre.co.uk

You probably don’t use (or let) your second home all year round, so
Our Minimum rental term is just 6 months.
After the first 6 months you can then
suspend rental with no penalty for up to 12 months
no re-connection fee!

Internet connectivity

UKSofa works across Europe and beyond, yet needs access to local internet. There are 3 standard install situations, they are listed below.

1. Local Internet with Router Access

This is the standard install, as shown in the above image.

By connecting the UKSofa, using the supplied cable, to any existing Router, you’ll have instant UK internet access, both via the sockets in the UKSofa and also by using your new WiFi network address (or SSID) called “UKSofa

2. Local Internet with WiFi Access

This is the install you’ll experience in Hotels, or at other public access points. As UKSofa needs to source the internet via a socket, if one is not available you can easily add a small WiFi Bridge. They cost around £20 and can normally be sourced locally, or contact us for advice.

3. Mobile Internet

This is for rural areas with no internet other than via mobile data, which can also be poor quality.

Our solution is a larger router called UKSofa4G You need to supply a suitable SIM card. It accepts UK data SIMs that allow EU data roaming, yet also works with locally-sourced SIMs that are enabled to work in phones and mobile devices such as Tablets or MiFi units.

UKSofa4G has a powerful internal antenna.
Compared to a tethered mobile, download speeds are greatly increased.

UKSofa4G puts all the features of the standard UKSofa into a mobile router. You then have one item with no additional cabling.

It’s neat and very simple to use

When mobile signals are poor we add a very powerful external dish antenna.

This version is the UKSofa4G REMOTE.

In tests it has increased a poor signal speed by a factor of 5 to give performance speeds similar to those available with super-fast Broadband.

Users can be Individuals or Businesses

Rules of Use

Use is subject to the following restrictions:

Because UKSofa gives access to websites that may normally be limited to UK residents (such as live TV Channels) , sales are restricted to business or residential users who must provide us with a UK address (from which the internet can be accessed), which will be used as your billing address.

UKSofa works across the EU and in America yet does not work in countries (such as Russia or China) where local regulations restrict internet connectivity.

Availability and Costs

From just 97€ and 16.50 per month

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